FluidBody-Yin is a platform for discoveries and innovation in the practice of Yin yoga based on Daoism philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western new sciences. Our trainings propose original methodologies for yin yoga teachers to expand and deepen their practice and teaching.

Nothing is static. Evolution is the principle of life and Yin “yoga” as any other forms of yoga follow this wave of creation.

“Endless flow , Of inexhaustible energy.” Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Practices of Taoism includes living in harmony, finding ecstasy of life, and practicing longevity and wellbeing techniques. The concepts of simplicity, spontaneity, compassion, detachments are at the root of Taoism with more emphasise given on Wu Wei, meaning living with effortless action, non action in action, connecting with  the Wu Ji, the emptiness of the universal forces.

Daoist have understood, that humans are connected and affected simultaneously by the emotional, mental, psychological or spiritual part of the selves altogether. The body is seen as a wide universe, and which cannot be separated, such as a physical ailments cannot be dissociated from an emotion for example. Qi is seen by Taoist as an entirely part of the selves which also flow through all living things. Specific meditations, physical exercises, breathing techniques were all developed by Taoist monks in order to extend longevity in the progress to reach to immortality. And this  is where Taoism practices becomes a philosophy of choice for yin yoga instruction, development and progression.

Energy (qi, ki, prana) has been for as long as I remember a passionate subject for me. Since early childhood, I was in touch with the life force energy, sensing, feeling it’s movements and informations she provided, until much later I could put a name on it. I since then continuously learn, searched to apply these endless flow of energy information within the yin practice.

Energy is everywhere, in the river, in the wind, the sun. Invisible, subtle energy occurs around us all the time, and is now measurable by science.

Sometimes flash balls may appear on flash photos, which are also like dusts or particles in the air. They actually occurs more often in particular places, at particular times, on pyramid in Peru, Egypt, at a period of higher electrical charges of the earth. Scientists suspect these balls are made of ionised air by the sun or electrified air, molecules that are electrified enough to glow.

These invisible energy is floating and we can connect with it through our meditation practices, inhaling the stars energy, with breath and enhance our life force, stamina, health. Glowing literally with light.

Our thinking, mental attitude and emotional states alter our nervous system and energetic flow which create negative or positive effects on our body. Mind and body are not separate entities, they vibrate at a different frequencies and can now be measured effectively. It has been proved that the brain and the heart continuously pulse at very low speed, and this vibration extend from the brain to the body and from the heart to the environment creating the life we are living.

The first goal of our practice Is to release any blockages of energy with a neutral mind, so we can use our Yi (intention/mental) to circulate the energy.

A time of silence is necessary to open the fascia, tendons, ligaments, to connects to our cells, bones cells, producing bone marrow.

Guided visualisation support energy circulation, and hormones production balancing our chemistry. These chemicals are transported throughout our blood stream and increase our vitality when we are at our most relaxing stage, such as during sleep.

Yin yoga can become a therapeutic tools, to connect deeply with these frequencies made of thoughts, creating muscular tensions, and blockages of energy. When we understand the law of the 5 elements theories, the meridians, the organs, their spirits and how they interact together with nature, we can plan classes which will help facilitating, unlocking these rocks on the path to our rivers of energy. Increase energy levels, rejuvenation and regeneration then is possible.